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Four Tier Annihilation Method

Visit Four Tier Annihilation Method | Submit Your Review image

“Lazy Internet Nobody Making $6457 a DAY Swears Under
Oath: His 4 Tier Annihilation Method is NOT illegal!”

Discover how you could use this method to line your bank account with up to $199,276 a month on complete autopilot starting now…

From The Desk of Alex Goad:

The story I am about to share with you is a strange one…Strange because it’s about a 25 year old Englishman who invented a singular and so downright crushingly effective method of plowing giant profits from the internet, at first I frankly thought it might be illegal. The core of the system is called the Four Tier Annihilation Method. We’ll get into the details later but for now, suffice it to say, its chock full of virtual aggression, underground tactics and competition destroying tricks.
It’s a no holds barred street fighter bonanza of destruction for today’s dog eat dog web. Specifically designed to make its user rise into the spheres of higher earnings so easily it feels like cheating…
In fact this is the exact system his $10,000 a pop coaching students have used to make up to a million dollars and more working only 30 minutes a day…

But before we continue, if you’re burnt out by the usual internet marketing JUNK, you’ll be thrilled to discover what this is NOT about:

• Google Adwords
• Google Adsense
• Complicated SEO
• No Traditional Affiliate Marketing

You can also forget the legwork because the creator of the method is a self-confessed lazy bum who hates working more than 10 hours a week…

• No Site Setups: This works on a platform with templates. That’s why it’s so quick and dirty easy. You don’t need experience…
• Business or Computer Savvy: Hey it always helps, but for once, it’s not a pre-requisite… You can likely figure it all out
100% in a single sitting…
• Capital: The creator started his adventures penniless from his friend’s dusty basement. You can do it too, and a $100
budget is ten times more than what he had at this point… in fact you can start with about 10 bucks…
• Waiting: This is not like those other tactics where you do something and wait a month to see results. Often this makes
money within days, even hours of being implemented.
• Massive or Complicated: The method has a TON of components to make it unbreakable. However the beauty of it is that
it’s a one page method. You can do it all with one single page! How is that for simplicity?

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Reviewed by options ed on 19 June, 2008

This is enjoyable reading as well as educational. I highly recommend buying the videos. They are all meat and easy to follow. I have purchase many products. This is a “keeper”.

Value For Money:10


User Friendly:8

Overall Rating:8

Reviewed by tuacca_diva on 24 June, 2008

I’m not sure if this author is simply another Marketing Guru or if he’s a real life example of a Brilliant Genius exposing raw brain power leading into some amazing Marketing methods.

The price is a fraction of its real value and that’s putting it mildly. He talks about what it is NOT for a very good reason. What it’s NOT makes it what it IS.

If he made it clear exactly what it was in the headlines or first pages, most would never stick around long enough to get the REAL benefits of this whole annihilation which sounds more scary than illegal but only in few places when hot,raw energy is exploding!

It doesn’t even matter what IT is. It’s not a secret, it’s more like what a Road is to the new car you just got. The car is useless without the Road. The Road without the car just means you’ll be walking, getting tired & bored from the s-l-o-w progress you’re making! Thinking about the cars whizzing by doesn’t help!

Until the Four-Tier Annihilation team swoops you up quickly before you can change your mind about going so fast all of a sudden!

When you read about all these systems and strategies you’re going to think to yourself, Oh, I thought of that already. Or, I knew this or that.

NO, you didn’t. You may have had something similar in mind but you didn’t have the instructions or all the tools necessary to actually make anything work. Until now. They are amazingly simple when all laid out one step at a time.

Oh, and by the way the $10,000 a student cost was for a total of 10, 5 of which slowly dissipated over time, embarrassed to admit they just didn’t do anything but well, not much. Those 5 moved on to a 4 figure income I would guess. The other 5 are MILLIONAIRES!! How about us? Which of the 5 will we be? Decision time!!

Value For Money:10


User Friendly:9

Overall Rating:10

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