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+2 Positive Reviews

-3 Negative Reviews

Value For Money: 3.6000

Support: 3.4000

User Friendly: 3.4000

Overall Rating: 3.8000

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Unexpected Breaking News

Hi Everyone,

Every now and then along comes something so totally unique, so different and wild, it just takes off and screams “I’M MAKING MONEY!” This is one of those…
You’ve got to see this next site. Spend a little time there. In fact, you can even get paid, just by being there for a few minutes…now that’s WILD!

Have you ever wondered what if at least 1000 registered users of paypal purchased the outstanding “The Fortune” gallery from you for $39 each?

The answer is…
You will then have $39,000 in cash, within hours.

So why would each paypal user purchase “The Fortune” gallery from you for $39?
Because they too will have an opportunity to make a lightning fast $39 cash per sale by purchasing the gallery from you and so on.

We’re talking huge cash flow in your PayPal account…

Make a lightning fast $39 cash per purchaser direct into your paypal account (that’s $39,000 for just 1000 purchasers!), immediately from your computer from anywhere, bypassing your regular job.

NO delays – just fast, direct and easy!

Uncover this breakthrough $39 “The Fortune” gallery trick and start pulling what interests you the most in your paypal account starting right now!

If the world’s top INTERNET MARKETER “Michael Glaspie” who owns a billion dollar empire, endorses and promotes the $39 program then this is really a fantasy money making system.



Reviewed by karpaga_nathan1 on 10 July, 2008

Hi i am karpaganathan.N from india . The comment what i want give is this is not a user friendly and also i am getting the bit confusion how i can the money from this. That all

Thank you,\

Value For Money:4


User Friendly:5

Overall Rating:6

Reviewed by agentmon on 10 July, 2008

Yesterday PayPal wrote to me:

Cease accepting payments from the youscoundrelyou.com scheme.

So be careful with this programm and Paypal.

Value For Money:1


User Friendly:1

Overall Rating:1

Reviewed by goodwint80 on 10 July, 2008

This is like one of those schemes that is just 2 good 2 be true…if you all got paid 39 bucks for each one and we could all be loaded for 1000 purchases then why wouldnt everyone be doing it.

Value For Money:2


User Friendly:2

Overall Rating:2

Reviewed by booknut1 on 10 July, 2008

I am always careful for get rich fast scemes. This sounds like one. The content is very vague and the buyer will be taking a huge risk. Don’t go there.

Value For Money:2


User Friendly:2

Overall Rating:2

Reviewed by themoneyfish on 13 June, 2009

I have no idea why there are so many negative reviews from people who haven’t even BOUGHT the $39 program.

First, value for money: $39 is actually a reasonable price because you get so many products to download that it’ll take you years to read all of them. I’ve found a lot of useful information in them like creating ebook covers.

Support: Okay I gave it a 9 because it said I’d get a response within 90 mins, but I actually didn’t until the NEXT day. The admin answered all my questions and was friendly.

User friendly: the backend is less than ideal, same goes with web design which is probably the huge factor in why it’s not more successful than it is right now. But a new site design is coming out soon so expect sales to skyrocket after you join.

Overall, it’s a really unique business model that lets you get paid instantly — since anyone who you refer, has to pay you FIRST before they can join the program.

Everything else is automated, even email sending, and a welcome email when the person becomes a new member.

I invite anyone who doesn’t really understand how it works to read my review of the program here: http://www.moneyforfishfood.com/fortune39.

Feel free to contact me with any of your questions.

Value For Money:9


User Friendly:7

Overall Rating:8

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