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Why you must change the way you think about Adwords and Adsense before
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Secret Google Tactics – Turn The Tables On The Adsense And Adwords Gurus. It’s Time The Little Guy Stood Up To Take What He Deserves
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How would you like to give yourself a competitive edge against your Adwords and Adsense rivals? I’m going to let you in on a little known secret combining two of the web’s most powerful money making systems. But first, picture this scene…It’s a beautiful sunny morning as you log-in to check your emails and today, just like every day, there’s a welcoming stream of “you’ve just made a sale” notifications in your inbox. Smiling, you hop over to your Adsense account…

Clicking on the drop down menu for yesterday’s earnings you see you earned $79.80…while you were asleep.

With a pleasurable sigh, your mind starts ticking over about which niche you could dig for gold in next…but then you think, nah, you’ll just have a lazy day instead.
This Is No Dream…This IS Reality!

This is the lifestyle that thousands of folks around the world are already enjoying. Google’s two programs have bought riches to many…but only because they know how to maximize their capabilities. Let me explain…

If you create an Adwords campaign in the usual way or slap Adsense code onto your site without thinking…you’ll only make the minimum amount of revenue possible
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But not so complex that a beginner couldn’t get started right away, oh no, the little known method I’ll reveal to you is so effective precisely because it’s so simple.

And the really clever thing is… it combines both Adsense and Adwords to create a cash-guzzling beast.

Forget all you think you know about Adwords and Adsense. I’m going to show you how to perform alchemy and meld together these money makers into a single cash-guzzling beast!

* You’ll create campaigns that shovel dollars into your account faster than your Paypal page can update. (Sounds crazy, I know, but this really happens!)
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*You’ll combine two simple methods into an entirely new way of making serious cash on the internet

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