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Dear Friend,

If you build websites and blogs and are frustrated with your lagging search engine rankings and traffic, you must read this letter right now.
But you must hurry… only limited spots are available and time is running out!
Everyday you read about some new magic software, wonder tool or “insider secrets” course that promises you the holy grail of traffic and high rankings.
More often than not, you part with your money, try the thing out… and after burning through weeks or even MONTHS of time and effort, the results are disappointing.

Sound familiar?

Then, to make matters even worse… some “guru” rubs it in your face that they can snap a finger and generate a flood of traffic and get top search engine rankings.
Frustrating, isn’t it?
(… Well today, you are about to get even. I’ll show you how in just a second).

You see, there’s a reason why large companies and search engine sharks dominate the top of the search engines in competitive markets — often squeezing out the little fish in the process. They truly have the unfair advantage…

Yes, they have more money than you.

Yes, they have more insider knowledge and experience than you.

When you consider all this, whether you choose to admit it or not, day-after-day…
You Are Being Bullied
In The Search Engines!

But also, your competitors have something else that you don’t. And unfortunately, this “something else” cannot be easily bought, built or acquired.

Serious players online have vast networks of websites, web servers… and can leverage their associates and customers web assets as well. They literally own large chunks of the Internet — including high authority sites — and can use this vast real estate to influence the search engines and leap frog over their competitors (which includes you).
Reality Check:
They Have The Unfair Advantage…
Not You

To really dominate the search engines, everyone knows about the growing importance of off-page optimization. Today, the search engines place a big emphasis and value on high-quality (authoritative) websites linking to your website.

More quality incoming (anchor text) links can do wonders for your search engine rankings and the volume of traffic you receive. The results can be almost instantaneous.

Not to mention, if your website or blog is being promoted on hundreds (if not thousands) of other websites, you’ll get a nice flow of referral traffic from these websites too.

More targeted traffic + more quality backlinks… it’s the goal of every serious online marketer.

Unfortunately, it’s not so easy anymore to get a ton of quality back links or open the tap and generate a flood of instant traffic.

Sure, you can drop $2,000 per month and buy traffic. But, if you are like most online marketers, you don’t have that kind of dough just sitting around.

What about free traffic? Back in 2004, you could build 200 websites yourself, link them all together — just like one big elastic band ball — and the search engines would adore you. Getting traffic was a breeze back then.

Those days are long gone.

That is… unless you know some SEO hotshot who owes you a BIG favor.

Or, if you have 500 friends (who build quality sites, like you do) that are willing to publish your articles and content on their websites and blogs, whenever you ask them to.

Can you image the power of having access to this type of network?

I know, it sounds like a pipe dream, right? But please bear with me for a second here.

Imagine if… whenever you wanted a growing number of backlinks to your websites or more traffic, all you’d have to do is send a note to your friends and BINGO, everything else would take care of itself.

The reality is, you don’t have 500 or more webmaster friends who can help you climb to the top of the search engines. You might be able to round up 30 of your pals — if you are lucky.

But, what if I told you that you can tap into a community of hundreds of other blog and website owners and social marketers — just like the big fish do — and is it available today. Keep reading for details…
Imagine… Increased Traffic, More
Backlinks And Higher Rankings
On Demand, At Anytime

To get more links and referral traffic, big companies have a secret weapon — massive web server farms and access to huge networks of blogs and websites. Plus, they have teams of employees to do all the dirty work for them and make things happen, fast.

But, you don’t.

This gives them a big competitive advantage over you.

That is, until now. Because starting today…
Now It’s Your Turn To Fight Back,
Get Even, And Pulverize
All Your Competitors!

Introducing Traffic Kahuna…
Before I give you the straight goods about Traffic Kahuna, let me ask you this… are you familiar with a membership site called PortalFeeder?
The founders of Traffic Kahuna (Jason Potash, Marc Quarles, Jason Katzenback) launched PortalFeeder back on December 7th 2005. Since then, hundreds of members have built profitable online businesses using the training and tools provided within PortalFeeder.
But, this letter isn’t about PortalFeeder.
It’s about a certain problem that PortalFeeder members created and how you can immediately benefit from it. The bottom line is this…
They Need Your Articles,
Content And Videos Submitted…
Right NOW!
You see, we didn’t know it at the time… PortalFeeder created a monster. A content craving, article gorging beast! The more high-quality blogs and websites PortalFeeder members built, the more fresh content they needed.

That’s where you come in.

Would you like your content and videos syndicated and published throughout our network of 1268 websites? (giving you nice juicy backlinks at your beck-and-call).
Or how would you like to get your content snippets and videos auto-posted to our blog network of 663 WordPress blogs giving you even more quality links whenever you want it?

What does all this mean to you? Try this for starters…

*More search engine friendly incoming anchor text links to all your websites
*Instant hyper-spider activity on all your websites
*More targeted visitors watching your videos, delivering ready-to-buy traffic to your websites
*Drives referral traffic/visitors sent directly to your sites from 1268+ content-rich websites and 663+ blogs (more being added every week)
*Increased search engine rankings — more incoming links from well-aged, high-quality, authority sites provides the juice you need to boost your rankings
*Boosts Page Rank — with all of the above working in your favor the odds are very good that your Page Rank will go up
*This what Traffic Kahuna will do for you — and more!



Reviewed by filmore on 17 April, 2008

This product is a utilizing feature to build traffic. Absolutely directed to online marketers whose drive is to stay ahead. Register today!!! It is the cure for the repulsive new age. online traffic

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