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Value For Money: 5.5000

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Overall Rating: 5.5000

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We Provide High Level Solutions

Dear Marketer,
How Can You Connect with 2.7 Million People Daily 100% SPAM Free? Just Imagine: millions of people just waiting to hear from you. Sound too good to be true? Well it’s not. WebTrafficMarketing.com offers instant daily access to one of the largest databases of legitimate email addresses available to online marketers today, and all of our recipients have double-opted in to receive marketing messages at one of our many partner sites. We’ve never had a single person accuse us of SPAM (because it’s not!). And, of course, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed, or your money back.

Email Marketing Couldn’t Be Easier…Or Safer.
We’ve done all the work for you. Just log into our easy-to-use web-based application, enter your offer and hit send. Your message instantly goes out to nearly 3 million people. That’s all there is to it! Our video tutorial makes the process of creating your message simple and intuitive—even rich, HTML layout with graphics. Once you’re a member, you’ll be ready to launch your first campaign in just minutes!

It takes a single, one-time payment to get access to our mail system. After that, you can reach your new audience once each day, for as long as you like—that’s more than 81 million impressions a month!

And since all messages leave straight from our secure bulk email server, your domain (and, hence, your business email) and ISP will not be part of the process. But Don’t Take Our Word For It:
Rave Reviews From Trusted 3rd-Party Sources

WebTrafficMarketing.com is the Net’s highest-rated bulk mail service, consistently earning top marks from the most respected sites online. These are third-party reviews based on the personal experience of experts who test services like ours, and report the good, the bad, and the ugly. So far, they’ve all had nothing but good things to say, and we couldn’t be prouder.

The Most Accurate List Available Best of all, we offer the most up-to-date list you’ll find out there. We test our list regularly, removing dead and defunct addresses, so there are no annoying bouncebacks. Plus, our list is constantly growing as people join our partner sites and opt to receive messages from businesses just like yours.

Here are just some of the benefits you will receive!

• Send 2.7 million emails everyday forever!
• Instant access to the system!
• Send bulk emails in text or in HTML!
• Easy to use interface that works from our own server!
• No worrying about returns!
• Advertise knowing you’ll never be accused of SPAMMING!

Joining is simple, just click the order link below and start setting up your account and within minutes you will be blasting your first ad! You have nothing to lose! Your order is guaranteed and your copy of Search Engine Secrets Revealed is yours to keep no matter what! Instant access is just a click away!

Click Here To Order Now


Reviewed by kennyg49 on 18 July, 2008

Since joining I’ve sent 5 adds to over 13 million people. The response so far has been dreadful with only 40 visitors to my websites resulting in no sales whatsoever. I had expected at least several hundred visitors daily.
Very cheap to join and website is very user friendly, but poor results seem to be the norm.

Kenny G.

Value For Money:2


User Friendly:8

Overall Rating:1

Reviewed by Tru-Test on 10 November, 2008

I just happened to notice their website listing in this review board while I was writing a bad review for another site.

However, WebTrafficMarketing.com is a great product. I think one reason why some people do not have success is because they design poor ads or are trying to sell a product nobody has any interest in.

Marketing services can only provide users with the service, it is up to the user to get the sales. For example, everyone knows Google Adwords works. A lot of money can be made with Adwords if done correctly. However, if you just stick an ad on Adwords for any random product, you will fail. In fact about 90% of Adwords users do fail. The same principles apply for all marketing services, including WebTrafficMarketing.com.

If you have a good product to market and know how to design ad copy to complement your product you will see results instantly in WebTrafficMarketing. If you plan on typing a couple of lame sentences with a link to your site you will get zero results. As a current member of WebTrafficMarketing email marketing service I can tell you there are a lot of members doing the couple of lame sentences marketing plan and I bet all of them think they are using a service which does not work. It works! It just does not work for you because you don’t know how to use an email marketing service properly.

If providing a great email marketing service was not enough, WebTrafficMarketing also gives users an option upon sign up to the bible to email marketing success when you place your order. I will not tell you exactly what product that is as I am not sure if I am allowed to, but if you’re not an email ad copy genius already, you will be if you upgrade. I imagine most people probably skip it, but I decided to go ahead and make the purchase as it’s offered to WebTrafficMarketing customers at 75% off the normal price.

I am a very fast reader, so I ripped through the material in a few hours and after applying these same theories to WebTrafficMarketing’s bulk email marketing service I now have an ongoing successful email marketing campaign that drives in sales every time I blast.

My recommendation, if you plan on putting next to zero effort into your ad copy or if you’re trying to sell a product which you have failed with everywhere else, perhaps this is not something you want to sign up for. However, if you have a good product and plan on putting in the time to design a persuasive ad copy go there right now and sign up for WebTrafficMarketing bulk email marketing service. You will be glad you did.

Value For Money:9


User Friendly:10

Overall Rating:10

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